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Doing a clean install of Windows used to be a tedious process that could take the better part of a day. With Windows 10 and cloud-based software and services, you can get the entire job done in an hour or less


Main Meeting 

Wednesday July 8, 2020 

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm  

Via Zoom meeting

In May 2020 Microsoft released the latest of its semi-annual Windows 10 Updates, entitled 2004 for year 20 and 4th month.

The "new" Microsoft Edge browser,based on the same underlying code as the Google Chrome browser, has now been made the default version.  This version is a nice improvement over the previous Edge and should give Chrome a good challenge as the browser of choice.

Cortana search has been separated as its own app you can download from the Microsoft Store.

If you need to reset Windows 10 you can do a "cloud" download in which the necessary software is taken from the Microsoft cloud instead of from the local version of Windows 10.

Bluetooth pairing takes place without the need to go to Settings to finish

Other minor enhancements are also included

Ask the Tech


We will cover Windows 10 updates and printer problems.  Panel is Bob Ringo, Terry Rooney, and Rita Wronkiewicz.  The panel will answer questions from the audience about desktops, laptops, pads and phones (maybe cord cutting) as time permits.  Having any problems, bring your questions and we will all learn from each other. 

Walk-in Computer Lab



Tuesday 2020

 1 pm - 3 pm  

OC Computer Lab

     Our most experienced computer members will provide assistance to any of our Club members who would like hand's on help in utilizing computer hardware components, the Windows or Android operating systems, or application programs.

If you have any questions for us or ideas for meetings, please use the form below to contact us or go to the "Contact Us" page.

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