Monthly Meeting Presentations

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November - Computers in Aviation

                       Youtube video of meeting

October - Where are my pictures

                   Youtube video of meeting

September - Indroducing Roku

                       YouTube video of meeting

August - Computers for classes

                YouTube video of meeting

July - Ask the Tech

          YouTube video of meeting

June - Windows 1903 Update

May - Google Assistant

           YouTube video of meeting

April -Cloud & Backup

           YouTube video of meeting

March - Smart Devices

            YouTube video of meeting

February - Instagram

January - Chromebook


November Tax Software 

October - VPN

August -  Digital Rights

July - Windows 10 update

June - Computer security

May - Medical web site

           YouTube Video of meeting

April - Changing face of TV

            YouTube Video of meeting

March - YouTube Video of Meeting

February - Connected Technology 


January - 3D Printing

                YouTube Video of meeting



November - On-line shopping 

October - The World of Google

September - YouTube Update

August - New Residents Website

July - Enhance Your Travel Experiences 

        - The Magic of Google

June - Best Win 10 Music Apps 

           Youtube video on Cable Cutting


May - Windows 10 Apps

          Youtube Video on new Windows 10 apps                                           

April - 

March - Google Home vs Amazon Dot


February - Password Managers

January - Cable Cord Cutting


January - Windows 10 Update

February - Skype

March - Managing the Cloud

April - 

May - Getting the most out of your Browser

June - Google Maps

July - Smartphones

August - Chromebook: Your New Laptop? 

September - 

October - Evernote vs. Onenote

November - Online Shopping:

                        Best Practices


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February - Windows 10 Preview


January - Choosing a Cloud Storage Provider



November - Backups


October - Using Google Apps for All Your Informational  Needs


September - Google Docs vs. Office 365


August -   MS Surface Pro 2

                 Androids - Why Not?


July -  Dr. Soheil Saadat - Genie MD

           Guest speaker in the OC Ballroom


June - Google Chromebook Revisited


May - Remembering Everything Using Evernote


April - Internet Securities Basics


March - No program file available


February - Windows Web Browsers


January - Windows 8.1 Tips and Tricks



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